Who we are

We are Future & Past - Non Profit Public Charity

The mission of the foundation is to ensure that contemporary performative art is presented professionally in the USA and abroad, both artistically and organizationally. It is also important to carry out artistic projects that will be socially needed and useful for the development of culture and art in the US and abroad. After 2020, when the foundation obtained Pablic Charity Status.

Organization described as (IRC 509 (a) (1) IRC 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) are charities that normally receive a substantial part of their support from governmental units and / or from Page 3 direct or indirect contributions from the general public. begins to expand its activities, which is also associated with the expansion of the personal composition.

The platform for artistic activities and meetings, which is the foundation "Future & Past", is also developing in an organizational and promotional sense. they identified themselves with the foundation's mission and vision, based their actions on passion and personal involvement in contacts with many interesting people in the USA and abroad, and implemented projects needed socially and useful for the development of culture and metalwork.

Artistic Foundation "Future & Past" is an organization focused on the promotion of handicraft art and factory production technology. The foundation was created out of the need to create a new platform on which independent, creative and innovative artists as well as artists starting their careers in various areas of art, including metalwork craftsmanship.