What we do

The Foundation was born with the thought of helping young beginners and current artists, whose activities and artistic achievements can be classified in a special way as artistic and functional art.

We intend to support selected pupils in achieving the goal chosen by them, which is their personal dream.We believe that in this way their original manifestation will be able to create new generations of artists with respect for the culture and traditions of the cultural achievements of the present times.

1) Organization, promotion and support for the development of talents of children, youth and adults, especially from small urban and rural centers.
2) Activities for the benefit of science, education, and upbringing in the field of artistic activities, in particular metal arts.
3) Technical, training and information support activities for non-governmental organizations and other entities operating in the field of public benefit.

Strengthening the potential and developing talents of children, youth and adults.HOW ARE WE DOING. Educational Workshops, Specific Practical Training.Media cooperation.WE INVITE YOU TO COOPERATION. People who want to develop talents: their own and others?